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The Best Home Improvement Projects To Take Care Of Before Thanksgiving!

Along with preparing your favorite Thanksgiving recipes in advance, you should also make sure your home is ready for the holiday! Thanksgiving is perhaps the most welcoming day of the year and families everywhere love having as many guests as possible to make the memories more meaningful. But if your home isn’t ready to accommodate those guests, you might end up hoping to forget it!

At Elite Roofing, we want your Thanksgiving to go off without a hitch. That’s why we’ve written this helpful guide covering the 4 best home improvement projects you can complete before the hungry crowd arrives on Thanksgiving day.

1. Maintain Your Furnace and Heating System

In the days leading up to Thanksgiving this year, you’ll want to perform a few stress tests on your home’s heating and cooling system. You never know what the weather might look like in your part of the country on Thanksgiving day, so you have to make sure your home’s HVAC system is ready to handle even the coldest pre-winter weather. If your furnace or heating system can’t quite cut it, you may want to call in a specialist to find out what’s wrong ASAP – otherwise, your guests might find themselves too cool for comfort.

2. Repair or Replace Major Home Appliances

Your kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room are guaranteed to be busy places during the

Thanksgiving holiday season. That’s why you should make sure every appliance is working at optimal efficiency to handle whatever you and your guests demand of them. Whether that means calling in an appliance repair expert or going to your nearest retailer and purchasing a replacement, you’ll be happy you avoided any potential disasters – like an oven that ruins the turkey!

3. Care for Your Property’s Lawn and Trees

When your friends and family arrive this Thanksgiving, greet them with a beautifully manicured property. While curb appeal won’t matter as much to your loved ones as it might your real estate agent, introducing them to your home with an attractive view free of clutter or debris makes for an impressive first impression. Be sure to remove fallen leaves from your yard and driveway, trim any hedges or bushes, and keep a lookout for any fallen limbs or potential hazards from the trees nearest to your home’s roof.

4. Have Your Home’s Roofing System Inspected

Your home’s roof is critical to keeping things cozy this Thanksgiving. Even with all your favorite recipes prepared for your guests, if your home is uncomfortable due to the cold (or worse exposure to the elements), your Thanksgiving dinner could end up a total mess. That’s why you should rely on an expert roofing contractor near you to perform a thorough inspection of your roof and attic. You’ll learn quickly of any existing issues your roof may have and be able to plan in advance for any potential issues down the road.

Here at Elite Roofing, LLC we are GAF Master Elite Contractors and specialize in storm restoration. We will handle any issue, big or small from start to finish. Ensuring your home is in top notch condition upon completion, and allowing you to welcome everyone into your home with ease.

By planning ahead this year, you’ll be able to get all of your home improvement projects finished in time for Thanksgiving. That way, your guests can enjoy your newly upgraded home while they spend time celebrating the holiday and making memories with friends and family.

For more information on the best home improvement projects you can complete before Thanksgiving, contact the knowledgeable team at Elite Roofing today!

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