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A Guide to Holiday Roof Decorations

If you plan on decorating your roof this Holiday season, here are a few tips to ensure your safety and that you don’t damage your roof in the process!!

Make Sure Your Roof Is Safe

It is highly recommended that you inspect your roof during the fall, as a roof inspection can help to quickly point out any problem areas that could worsen during the winter.

In a previous article, we've listed some precautions to help you protect your home through these months. Remember, if your roof is already experiencing damage caused by loose or missing shingles, cracks, punctures, or outdated materials, this damage could easily escalate by putting extra weight or debris on your roof.

When in doubt, always contact a professional. A free roof inspection could be the difference in a stress-free holiday season and a disaster.

Choosing Your Decor

You’ll want to have a plan when decorating your roof throughout the holidays. Perhaps, for Halloween, you want to dangle cobwebs with giant black spiders on top or hang the grim reaper above your home’s front porch or garage area. Or for Christmas, putting Santa and his sleigh!

Always go for decorations that are designed for residential roofs. These typically include clips to attach to your shingles. Never use nails to hang a decoration on your roof. This more than likely will lead to leaks and water damage!

Inspect Your Lighting

If lighting is part of your decorative choice, be sure to check that all electrical cords and light fixtures are working and in good condition before hanging them. Exposed wiring can cause a fire, so inspect your equipment thoroughly before they go up. And always remember to choose outdoor lighting.

Get Some Help!

Once you've got your decorations and have a plan, make sure you have a friend or loved one there to ensure you put your decorations up safely and don’t cause any damage to your roof, and a system in place to avoid any catastrophes. Having someone there to hold the ladder and give you a hand when you get tired will prove beneficial to the outcome of your hard work!

Remember: take your time and know your limitations.

When it comes to decorating your home for the holidays, you're probably one of two people: the type to put a few decorations up in your windows, or the neighbor who likes to go all out and install something like an entire graveyard complete with zombies in your yard. Whether you're one or the other, if you're tempted to tackle roof decor, make sure you are protecting the barrier between your loved ones and the harsh outdoor elements.

Always avoid doing anything that could compromise your roof’s integrity.

Elite Roofing wants to wish everyone a safe Halloween and a joyous start to the holiday season! If you have even the slightest inkling that you may have some roof issues this season, we're happy to come out and take a look for you for FREE. Who knows, you could get a brand new roof for Christmas from your insurance company!

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