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3 Roofing Concerns to Address Before Christmas

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

When Roofing Goes Wrong – Just in Time For Christmas!

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to make sure your home is all set for holiday guests! Decorations, baking, and gift-shopping are all common components of a holiday schedule. There is one aspect of home-readiness, however, that few besides Santa think about in the rush of preparations: your roof.

Roofing problems are usually a source of headaches for homeowners, but they become even more stressful when they happen during the holidays. If your roof could use some fixing up after an early winter storm or if you have noticed a leak or two, do not hesitate to have professional roofers take care of it well before your guests arrive. Don't be a grinch and be sure to consider these three basic signs that can indicate a roofing concern that should be addressed promptly…before the guests arrive for Christmas!

Water Damage

Stains on your ceiling can indicate that water has leaked under your roof shingles and made its way into the interior structure of your homes. This can occur from roof damage or basic wear and tear. If those stains have been there for awhile though and you are certain they do not indicate imminent problems, keep in mind that they can still cause mold growth.

Shingle Problems

As soon as the roof on your home has a couple of missing shingles or a few loose ones, it is important to have them replaced sooner rather than later. In addition to the possibility of a leak, you could also end up with a cold, drafty house that won’t make your guests feel very comfortable. You should also have shingles replaced if they are deteriorated, dented, or torn.

Granules in the Gutters

If you’ve seen signs of granules in your gutters during recent storms or granules on the ground near the downspout, you’ll need to have your roofing shingles checked. Over time, the granules on shingles can come off which leaves the shingles exposed to harsh sunlight. This can weaken them and increase the risk of your roof leaking. Water leaking into your home during your holiday feast or while you’re all gathered around the tree singing carols is definitely something all hosts would like to avoid.

Keep in mind that if you need emergency repairs this holiday season, Elite Roofing LLC is the company to call. Our roofing professionals can handle urgent roof problems and do all repairs quickly and without leaving any mess behind for you to have to deal with. You can rest assured that with Elite Roofing LLC your home holiday festivities can proceed as planned.

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